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What happened to you when you were young?

Old man hate got a hold

Was it the usual passive-aggressive shit?

Did your soul catch a cold?


Did the boys all ignore you in class

And the girls find you prim?

If only someone had told you it won’t last

But they didn’t, so you gave in.


It’s easier to detonate a fuse

Than it is to build bridges

But it’s wearier to make hate your muse

Than to let love blur your edges


What happened to you when you were young

Is no excuse for blindness

The pain you carry is yours alone

Its only relief is kindness.

Katie Hopkins when she was young.

Katie Hopkins when she was young.

*Katie Hopkins is a British tabloid newspaper columnist known for her strongly right-wing views. She recently wrote a column comparing African men, women and children seeking a better life in Europe to cockroaches and said they deserved to be shot at with gunships. Shortly after her column was published 900 migrants died when their boat capsized in the Mediterranean.