Children’s Books

In collaboration with Dutch artist Edie Pijpers I have produced four books for children. Three are stories and one is a poetry collection. Illustrations were done by Edie and her paintings were often the source for the stories themselves. Edie’s art is known to the thousands of New Yorkers who come each year to the Union Square Holiday market where she sells prints and originals of her work.

What Means That? is a simple tale of two sisters’ meander through the world. Along the way Tess and Belle’s thoughts newcover copymeander too, as they try to get to the bottom of some of the big and vital questions of life such as, who should we invite to the birthday party? And which is older, grandma or the Earth? Illustrated by Edie Pijpers. Written by Paul Willis. BUY BOOK

The Coloring Book is about Sheila, a girl who wakes one day to discover the world’s missing its color. A smart cookie she knows straight away what must be done. But as Sheila sets about coloring the world cover copynews1she meets Tommy, a kid with a spray can and sling shot and a whole different way of doing things. This is a story about the magic of color, the joy of self-expression and the value of learning to see the other side. Illustrated by Edie Pijpers. Written by Paul Willis. BUY BOOK

Welcome to the Ballooniverse is a book of poems to be enjoyed by children and adults. The poems come from around the world and the youngest poet is a seven-year-old girl from Tokyo. All the poems were inspired by the paintings of Edie.
Illustrated by Edie Pijpers. Edited by Paul Willis. BUY BOOK

coverfront (2)

Monsters and Angels When Ellie is visited in the night by a strange little creature called Belfy, she begins an adventure that leads her from the wild ocean to the local park, learning along the way that monsters and angels come with a thousand faces and that the horizon is never as far away coverfrontas it looks.
 By Edie Pijpers. Edited by Paul Willis. BUY BOOK


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